April 26 2018

Presence! Revive: Faith Every Day!

As a follow-up to Revive: Faith Every Day we invite you to join us in Presence, a study on the Mystery of the Eucharist.  Let us revive our experience at Mass on Sundays by...
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April 20 2018

More from Revive!

Here are some more quotes that were sent to us from you! #1. 80 year old woman - “I have been to many missions but this was the best. The young man spoke from his...
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April 18 2018

Revive! In the East Bronx

Revive: Faith Every Day in the East Bronx hosted at St. Frances de Chantal.  With close to 600 people in attendance the mission has been well attended by the parishes of the East...
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March 27 2018

Revive: Faith Every Day Staten Island!

Here what parishioners shared with us about their Revive: Faith Every Day in Staten Island: "My husband and I enjoyed the Mission very much last night at St. Patrick’s.  I...
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March 20 2018

Revive: Faith Every Day Discipleship in Staten Island!

Here's what people had to say about Revive near them! "We had read the bible before, but this talk reminded us that the bible has many beautiful things"Jamie Jimenez y Frances...
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March 13 2018

Revive! in the Northeast Bronx!

Revive started yesterday at St. Philip St. James parish for the Northeast Bronx!   The question of the evening was "Will you leave yourself behind if Jesus calls your name?" ...
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February 28 2018

Revive! in the South Bronx!

Sara Vega from Immaculate Conception parish “I am enjoying it very much, it spoke to me...I want to remove things from my interior to follow Jesus.” Luisa Paulino from...
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February 27 2018

Revive: Faith Every Day Discipleship has commenced!

Revive: Faith Every Day Discipleship was led by Fr. Declan Gibson, focusing on the importance of the Eucharist to be Jesus' disciple at the Church of the Holy Child in Staten...
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February 21 2018

A glimpse at last year's Revive: Faith Every Day Purpose

  “It was incredible, I didn’t know what to expect” Joe Rojas from St. Anthony’s church Manhattan “Beautiful, I didn’t know how deep it was going to...
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February 15 2018

Revive: Faith Every Day- Discipleship!

Revive missions start their second year with the topic of Discipleship in the South Bronx Monday February 26th-Wednesday February 28th  at the church of the Immaculate...
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