Revive! in the Northeast Bronx!

March 13, 2018

Revive started yesterday at St. Philip St. James parish for the Northeast Bronx!   The question of the evening was “Will you leave yourself behind if Jesus calls your name?”  Fr.Lucian Clark CP led us in a reflection on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  We heard the account of  Jesus and his disciples at sea with stormy weather.  Jesus walks on the water towards them and calls out to Peter to come towards him.  Similarly we must step out of our boat and walk towards Jesus, because He has called us.

Here’s what attendees shared about the evening:

“I get it! We need to step out of the boat like Peter!”

John Reynolds from Immaculate Conception in the Northeast Bronx

“It was beautiful”

Shirley Fieron from St. Philip St. James in the Northeast Bronx

“It’s a blessing!”

Pius Bugembe from St. Philip St. James in the Northeast Bronx


What are we holding on to that keeps us from walking towards Jesus?  What part of ourselves needs some healing in order to better follow Jesus?


The mission continues this evening with Adoration at 6pm, followed by preaching and music at 7pm.



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